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Our Team

Contributors from the United States

Giang T. Pham, PhD, CCC-SLP

Dr. Pham conducts research on language development and disorders in Vietnamese children and bilinguals at San Diego State University. She has worked as a speech-language pathologist, fluent in Vietnamese, Spanish, and English. For more information, please read:

Quynh Dam, MA, CCC-SLP

Quynh is a doctoral student in the Joint Doctoral Program in Language and Communicative Disorders at San Diego State University and University of California, San Diego. She has worked as a bilingual speech-language pathologist (Vietnamese-English) at a community medical center before entering the PhD program.

Kerry Ebert, PhD, CCC-SLP

Dr. Ebert is a speech-language pathologist and conducts research in language disorders and cognition with bilingual and children from culturally diverse backgrounds. She is on faculty in Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences at the University of Minnesota and advises the Bilingual-Multicultural Emphasis program for graduate students in speech-language pathology.

Contributors from the Vietnam

Ben Pham, PhD

Dr. Ben Pham, Senior Lecturer, Division of Speech, Language and Hearing Impairments, Faculty of Special Education, Hanoi National University of Education. Her research interests are speech and language development and disorders. See more at:

Van Pham, MA

Van Pham, MA, a speech and language therapist working at VietSpeech EDU company in Hanoi. She is a member of Research Center of Child Linguistics, Literature and Arts, Hanoi National University of Education.

Hien Hoang, MA

Hien Hoang is a teacher, teaching children with disabilities in Support Center for Inclusive Education Development, National College for Education (NCE), Hanoi, Vietnam. She completed a B.A in English Language from Hanoi Univeristy, a B.A in Special Education in NCE and an M.A. in Special Education from Hanoi National University for Education.

Linh Pham, MA

Linh Pham is a lecturer in the Faculty of Special Education, National College for Education, Hanoi, Vietnam. She has a master's degree in Psychology, a bachelor of Special Education and completed the 10 month-training of pediatric speech therapist course. Linh has been working with children with disabilities in Vietnam for about 10 years.

Ngoc Tran, MA

Tran Thi Bich Ngoc, Lecturer of the Department of Education for Children with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorder, Department of Special Education, Hanoi Pedagogical University. She is a PhD student in inclusive education at the Vietnam Institute of Educational Science.

Tech Team

Kristine Thuy Dinh

Thuy is in the master’s degree program in Statistics at San Diego State University. She is very interested in analyzing data and building statistical models for health-related fields.

Son Pham

Son is from Vietnam and has completed a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and minor in Computer Science at SDSU in December 2019. He is currently working on the VietSLP tech team to create online resources for speech-language pathologists working with Vietnamese children.

Thong Le

Thong is studying Computer Science with an Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies at San Diego State University. He was born and raised in the southern region of Vietnam. He is currently working on the VietSLP tech team to design the web pages for the online tools and resources for speech-language pathologists.

Chris Nguyen

Chris is studying Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences with an Honors Minor in Interdisciplinary Studies at San Diego State University. He is committed to studying bilingualism as it pertains to Vietnamese people, tying together community, culture, and critical issues of today.